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I think I have a makeup addiction. Urban Decay, take me away!

Today I put on my beauty anthropologist hat and excavated through my personal eyeshadow palette drawer. "How big could a makeup drawer like that truly be? Excavation? Really, Khara?!"

Yes... really. My professional kit is massive and well organized. My personal stash of makeup kind of, sort of rivals my kit and that, ladies and gentlemen, reminds me that I need to STOP. BUYING. MAKEUP. For myself, that is. My job requires that I buy it to delicately apply to other people.

To make a long story short, I discovered that amongst the many, MAny, MANY others, I have four (count them... 1, 2, 3, 4) Urban Decay Book of Shadows palettes of varying volumes that are virtually untouched. WHY, you ask? Because the package, while cute, is cumbersome to work with and too honking big.

So what does one do with palettes that have non-Khara friendly packaging? YOU DEPOT THEM! In theory anyway.

I'm not the biggest fan of Z-Palettes because the clear plastic on the lid is too flimsy to really protect what's placed underneath for travelling purposes. But for keeping at home in a GYNORMOUS tower of makeup, I say ok. And I cross my fingers.

If in the coming hours I'm covered in the colors of the rainbow because I'm not handy and I've broken a bunch of very not-cheap eyeshadows, I'll post a photo so you can laugh at me.

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