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And my pick for the holiday hairstyle of the year goes to...

The holiday season is here and for me that means dressing up and eating lots of food, but since this is a beauty page, I'll concentrate on the hair/makeup of the dressing up part.

I'm a huge fan of the pinup resurgence that's taking place in both Europe and the US. It's ultra-feminine and polished but has been updated for the strength, diversity, and tastes of the modern woman. Also, DRESSES! Yay!

Without too much more ado, here's my pick for the best non-fussy yet clearly done and GORGEOUS hairstyle for this festive time of year. All it requires is a 1" to 1 1/2" curling iron or waving wand, some hairspray, a teasing comb or brush, and one of those hair combs that was so popular in the time of yesteryear.

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