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Bumble and Bumble... OUCH! That hurts. Was it worth it? I don't know yet.

I'm always skeptical when I hear a new beauty product is "revolutionizing" the industry... especially if it's drastically different than what's in popular use. That said, Bumble and Bumble has peaked my interest with their new Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme.

Said to do the work of shampoo without the sulfates (detergents) and silicones (to coat hair and make it LOOK healthy), but with loads of added humectants and hydrating ingredients, the line is claiming that a $40 bottle of this stuff will give you dramatic results in 1-3 uses. From what I'm hearing so far, this doesn't sound so dramatically different. It just has a higher price tag than other B&B products :-/

Personally, I already use a variety of seemlingly overpriced No Sulfate, ultra hydrating shampoos and conditioners, so I know the big benefits of paying a bit extra for a bottle of the good stuff so that my hair can be down to my belly button (it is... I joke not!). But $40?! Really, Bumble and Bumble? This better be the stuff that dreams are made of or at least worthy of Miracle Max from the Princess bride selling in his hut.

Has anyone tried this stuff? If so, I urgently request you share your review with us!

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