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Foundation Challenge Accepted.

The number of years since I've bought drugstore foundation is quickly approaching double digits, so I've decided it's time to be adventurous and get my nerd on. I'm going to conduct a drugstore vs. department store foundation experiment! (I know... you're all soooo excited, right?!)

I had the pro stuff in my personal stash already and managed to pick up some Maybelline base products yesterday. I can say one thing hasn't changed since I stopped makeup shopping at CVS: the brands for sale there STILL don't all make foundations in my skin tone. Being light-skinned & olive (no red to my skin at all) still proves a challenge when searching for a less expensive foundation. I was, however, pleased to see that the selections available were far less orange and pink than I remember them being in the past. I spent a good 30 minutes perusing, partly because it took that long to find something that interested/matched me and partly because it brought on a fit of nostalgia. I felt a bit like a teenager again.

More on this in the coming days with pictures and my rambling commentary to accompany them.

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