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I now officially pronounce it wedding season!

The months of the year that couples most frequently marry varies from place to place, sometimes due to culture or customs and other times, due to weather. Here in Pennsylvania, many try to avoid the super hot months and also, the stupidly cold ones. That pretty much leaves them with June and October ;-)

In honor of what's usually a comfortable month to be suited & booted (dress shoes here) or gowned in glory, here's a little gallery from wedding hair trial runs of the past. Each one is a cell phone photo that was taken mostly for my records so I could duplicate the style on the bride's big day, so be easy when judging my photo skills and remember... I can style hair for any event! I'm not limited to updos and fancy styles either... I can do retro styles, style wigs, do braids of most kinds, and other things that I can't think of right this moment.

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